Secure Communication



  1. Secure encrypted file transfer
    CypherDog Enterprise just 6,79€/67,90€ per month/year
  2. Ultra-secure Messenger for desktop and mobile devices
    CypherDog Messenger just 2,59€/25,90€ per month/year
  3. Encrypted cloud storage
  4. Local files encryption

Secure file transfer:

  • All formats and all sizes
  • End-to-end encryption
  • No one except the indicated recipient can decrypt the transferred files
  • Nobody can read them
  • Nobody can pretend to be the person you are communicating with

Messenger with encrypted communication:

  • Full anonymity of contacts
  • Full anonymity of established conversation
  • Full anonymity of communication
  • Full confidentiality and integrity of messages
  • Messages are processed only in RAM memory
  • Anonymous messages are deleted after 24 hours

Encrypted cloud storage:

  • Secure place to store documents that no one can access
  • Secure archive for your most important data
  • Access to the cloud is available only from application

Local files encryption:

  • The private key is ONLY on your local disk
  • You are the only one who has access to the key
  • All encryption is done locally on your local device


  • Cyberdog does not use e-mails or sms to confirm the identity
  • In addition, it does not use any third-party digital signature or certifications centers
  • End to end asymmetric encryption
  • Administrator does not have access to user’s data
  • Public keys in blockchain

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