Virtual Data Center

Build your own virtual data center within minutes. Add or remove resources at any time. The possibilities are endless. Build your servers with the specification you need: one big server, or as many small ones as you need.


  • VMware vCloud Platform

    Self-service portal, which enables customers to configure and manage their virtual data centre located in our cloud.


    Build any specification you need, anytime. Don’t be limited by the pre-configured specifications.

  • TOTAL Security

    With our secure perimeter firewall with IPsec VPN is your network 100% protected. Our cloud is certified by Trend Micro.

  • 24/7/365 SUPPORT

    From our staff. Available on phone, email or web at all times, we’re here to help in any way you need!

  • 99,99% UPTIME SLA

    Our VMware platform guarantee that your virtual machines running even if a server fails. All services will be available 99,99% of the time in every month. No data will be lost or corrupted.


    There is no charge for outbond and inbound data transfe!

Included at no additional charge:


Perimeter Firewall

Windows Images

Linux Images

Interested? Please, contact our sales team!

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